Accessibility Information

This site is produced by Arts and Culture Trust. It aims to provide comprehensive information about the Agency and its services. 

This website has been designed to be as accessible to as many users as possible, including:

  • people with disability who may use assistive technologies
  • rural and regional users.

The accessibility features available on this site include:

  • instructions for resizing text
  • event and general content pages are printer-friendly.

Wherever possible Arts and Culture Trust can provide an alternative plain text file format, to its Word, Excel or pdf original. You can also request any printed or electronic material in alternative formats by contacting us.

This page covers four important guides to using this website in an effort to improve accessibility:

  • Text resizing - how to resize the text size viewed on screen within the browser to enhance readability
  • Using the site - how to use the website and its features
  • Printer-friendly - how to print web pages from this site
  • Plug-ins requirement - how to install optional plug-ins to access some features of this website.

Text resizing

You can make the text larger or smaller on this site, or on any website, by changing the settings on your computer – within your browser. If unsure on how to do this, search the ‘Help’ option of your preferred browser.

Using the site

The site has the following navigational features to aid you in your visiting experience.

Overview (top level) Menu: Covers all aspects of Arts and Culture Trust's services and relevant areas of interest to the public. On mouse roll-over, these menus expand to show additional menu items or search fields.

Sub Menus: Sub-category topics of the top level menu are found in the second level menu bar which runs parallel to the main menu, or on the right hand side of the screen of some sections.

Search: Search the website to find what you want directly with keywords. You may also search Whole of Government from this point by clicking on the Whole of Government search.

Breadcrumbs: Helps you to determine the location of the page that you are viewing at the time. Breadcrumbs can be found at the bottom of the screen on the left hand side.


When a web page is printed, it will only print the title of the page, the location of the page as well as the content. Navigation menus are automatically removed for your convenience to improve readability on paper.

Plug-ins Requirements

Throughout this website, you may encounter documents and files that may require you to install additional software on your computer. Please note that in most cases you are not required to install anything as most computers are capable to read the documents and files on this website.

The following is a list of software that you may need to read the documents and files on this website: 

PDF Documents: Download Adobe PDF Reader

Microsoft Excel Documents / Microsoft Word Documents: Download OpenOffice for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows

Wherever possible the site can provide an alternative plain text file format, to its Word, Excel or pdf original.

You can also request any printed or hardcopy documents by contacting Arts and Culture Trust directly.