Education Arts Emergence Program

Education Arts Emergence Program

Education Arts Emergence Program

Nurturing young people into meaningful careers in the performing arts sector. 

Welcome to the Education Arts Emergence Program, an innovative year-long initiative designed to ignite the passion for theatre arts among school-aged children, young adults and teachers across Western Australia. 

This program offers opportunities for meaningful exchange between professional arts companies and young people, the future arts leaders. 

About the Program

Education Emergence offers a diverse range of activities meticulously curated to cater to different age groups, ensuring an enriching experience for all participants. 

For teachers 

  • integrating real-world skills into the curriculum
  • staying abreast of industry trends
  • creating ensemble works
  • effectively guiding students on their career paths

For students 

  • Workshops aimed at skill development
  • Personal branding
  • Resume and audition building
  • Preparing for the workforce

Key Benefits

  • Providing students with access to professional productions from the SCSA (Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority) list.
  • Providing teaching resources and teacher participation in person or via online streaming.
  • Developing Trust partnerships with resident companies and the Department of Education WA.
  • Helping to develop the next generation of theatre arts practitioners by providing teaching resources, and opportunities to participate in production activities and classes.