Chat 10 Looks 3 Live
25 September 2022 at 4:30pm
Albany Entertainment Centre, Princess Royal Theatre

Chat 10 Looks 3 Live

25 September 2022 at 4:30pm Albany Entertainment Centre, Princess Royal Theatre Buy tickets

Presented by Chat 10 Looks 3 Productions Pty Ltd

Hot off the back of their Perth show on Saturday night, Crabb and Sales will be hitting the road south in a panno with some surfboards on the roof, with four (possibly five) kids in tow, in time for a live show in Albany the next day. 

Don’t be ridiculous, of course nothing could possibly go awry, they WILL make it in time to take the stage. Also, they’re not really driving in a panno with surfboards, but they’ve read their Tim Winton and so they know it’s what’s expected if you want to have some beach cred.

Also, can somebody please tell Luc Longley we are coming because we REALLY want an invite to dinner at his place so Sales can get all trembly over her love of the Chicago Bulls. Luc if you’re reading this: can you please also invite Phil Jackson. It’s books, it’s movies, it’s TV, it’s podcasts, it’s insults, it’s mayhem, do not miss it!

One night only in Albany, show us a good time and we’ll show you one in return.

Please note:
  • Mobile telephones and electronic devices are to be turned off during the performance.
  • Cameras, video cameras and tape recorders will not be permitted without the consent of the promoter.
  • $49.90 Admit

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