AI ChatGPT Camp
FamilyTalks and workshops
26 - 28 September 2023
Subiaco Arts Centre, Rehearsal Room

AI ChatGPT Camp

26 - 28 September 2023 Subiaco Arts Centre, Rehearsal Room Buy tickets

Presented by Edgyx

AI ChatGPT essentials for children.

Knowledge, skills and effective use of AI ChatGPT will be vital for future job success.

Children will get a solid introduction to this technology and many practical approaches to use it in a positive way.

Course Outline:
  • Creating and Writing Using AI platforms including ChatGPT
  • Prompt Engineering - Using AI effectively requires a different skillset to coding
  • Using AI for fun/creativity and educational purposes
  • Avoiding the dangers of using AI
  • Using AI for improved study and learning in school without cheating!
  • How to use to help you with subjects you find difficult


  • $125.00 Admit 
    Please note, ticket price is not inclusive of lunch and snacks 

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