Da Vinci Challenge Creative STEM Camp
2 - 18 January 2024
Subiaco Arts Centre, Undercroft

Da Vinci Challenge Creative STEM Camp

2 - 18 January 2024 Subiaco Arts Centre, Undercroft Buy tickets

Presented by EDGYX

A creative STEM camp like no other. Inspired by Da Vinci.

We asked "if Da Vinci were a kid - what kind of holiday program he would like to go on?" We think it might be our camp. Who knows? Riddles/code breaking, engineering challenges/drawing all with a healthy dose of humour and good fun in a great learning environment.

The 3 days include hands-on and practical challenges delivered in a fun, fast and challenging way!

The following activities are included in the experience:

  • Machine Building Challenges (Rockets & More)
  • Quests (Mind bending Team Quests)
  • Code Breaking (Escape Room inspired challenges…and more)
  • Creativity Challenges (Would Da Vinci have been a rapper if he were alive today?)
  • Includes take home creations for you & your Family.

Da Vinci Creative STEM Camp

  • $385.00 including GST
    Please note, ticket price is not inclusive of lunch and snacks

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