Life on Mars Camp
2 - 18 January 2024
Subiaco Arts Centre, Gallery

Life on Mars Camp

2 - 18 January 2024 Subiaco Arts Centre, Gallery Buy tickets

Presented by EDGYX

Your child’s creative and scientific imagination will be ignited and engaged by this stimulating camp that involves creative problem solving, engineering construction challenges and robotics.

Would you like to transport your kids to Mars for 3 Days?

Life On Mars Camp is a creative STEM camp with three key themes; Getting to Mars (rocket making), Exploring Mars (Mars rover robot building and use on a set), and Surviving on Mars (building a habitat).

Camp features:
  • Designing, building and commanding Mini Mars Rover Bots on a Martian Set
  • Building a Mars Electric Powered Vehicle
  • Building and racing your own rocket
  • Conducting a Mars Lander Experiment
  • Completing a range of NASA Mars experiments
  • Designing a Mars Habitat
  • And much more Mars-themed STEM Fun!
  • $385.00 Admit 
    Please note, ticket price is not inclusive of lunch and snacks 

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