Booking Information for Accessible Performances

About the Auslan Interpreted Service

Auslan is the majority sign language of the Australian Deaf community. Seats for Auslan interpreted performances can be booked online. Type in AUSLAN in the promo code box in the top right hand section of the booking page, then select a section on the seat map. The seats that are highlighted are our recommended seats for the best view point of the Auslan interpreter.

About the Captioning Service

Captioning Devices can be used from any seat booked online or through the box office.

To secure your Captioning Device for the night, please contact the venue prior to the performance. The devices are subject to availability. Alternatively the Go Theatrical Captioning App, on which the captions can be viewed during the show, can be downloaded onto your own Apple or Android device.

About the Audio Description and Tactile Tour Service

Audio Description captures the visual elements of theatre performances by describing the "unheard" aspects that are essential to understanding a story line. The service brings entertainment to life for people who are blind or vision impaired whilst being unobtrusive to the user.

Users of the service are given a small earpiece and receiver into which they hear a volunteer describe aspects of the set, costumes and action. The volunteer audio describers watch the show two to three times prior to describing it to patrons, once from inside the auditorium as patrons and twice from screens or in a room set up backstage. Using a script they make notes of the actions taking place on stage then use these notes to describe what is happening ‘live’ during the performance.

Tactile tours may also be provided as part of the service and the purpose of the tour is to give patrons an understanding of the costumes and stage set. Patrons will be escorted onto the set so they get an idea of the dimensions and will be able to touch the props being used on stage, and where the entrances and exits are so they know where characters enter. Patrons will also be able to handle the costumes being worn by the actors. While the tour is taking place the audio describers will describe where the different props are located on stage and what colour, shape and material has been used for the costumes. 

The audio description starts 10 minutes before the show so that the set can be described or sections of the programme read to you. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the performance commences to collect your equipment and ensure that you are comfortably seated when the audio description begins.

Please let our box office know you would like to participate in the tactile tour when booking tickets, so we can guarantee your spot and let you know what time to come before the performance starts.  

We regularly email updates about the Audio Description service to our database of patrons who utilize the service, and we also keep in touch through a closed Facebook group.

For further information regarding the Audio Description Service, or to add your name to our database to receive show updates, please contact (08) 6212 9295.

About Relaxed/Gentle Performances

Relaxed or gentle performances welcome families with children who may have autism, sensory sensitivities or learning difficulties to the theatre.

We maintain the creative integrity of each show, making minor modifications to sensory elements like lighting and sound, with the artists.

This means we leave the house lights on (dimmed), lower the music volume and ensure there will be no strobe effects during the performance. Children and families may come and go should they need to. With an atmosphere that is non-judgmental, we embrace an enthusiastic response to works!

Booking Tickets

All accessible performances can be booked online, over the phone, or via box offices. If booking over the phone or in-person, please advise the booking agent that you require an audio described service and tactile tour when making your booking. We encourage patrons who require audio described performances and/or tactile tours to purchase tickets at least three working days prior to the performance to ensure service availability. 

Contact the Box Office to book your tickets either via phone on (08) 6212 9292 or email to book your tickets. 

Companion Cards

Companion Cards are accepted at all performances at all Arts and Culture Trust venues. Accessible bookings can be made online, over the phone at (08) 6212 9292, or in-person at our any of our Box Offices.