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Screen production facility named and operational agreement signed

Screen production facility named and operational agreement signed

The latest venue in the Arts and Culture Trust’s (ACT) suite, the multi-million-dollar screen production facility has hit a new milestone.

Now formally named as 'Perth Film Studios', the new facility will be operated by Perth-based company Home Fire. The agreement covers a pre-operational period and the first 10 years of operation, with the option available to the State to renew for a further three 10-year periods.

The ACT will be the owner of Perth Film Studios on behalf of the State Government and upon completion of the build, it will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the operations agreement with Home Fire.

The Government has already committed $233.5 million to the construction and delivery of Perth Film Studios on a 16-hectare site on Marshall Road, near the new Malaga METRONET station. The facility will be open for productions from early 2026.

Additional funding of $57 million has been approved by Government to underpin the operations and facilities management of Perth Film Studios over the initial term and is repayable to the State from business operations.

The facility is a crucial part of the State Government's longer term Screen Industry Strategy to develop and grow the local production industry over the next 10 years, by establishing WA as a major international and national film and television production destination.

Minister for Culture and the Arts, David Templeman, said many benefits would be derived from the construction and future operation of the Perth Film Studios.

“The international screen industry was valued at US$243 billion in 2023 and we are confident that Perth Film Studios will attract considerably more of those productions to our State,” he said.

"Over the first 10 years, Perth Film Studios is expected to grow and attract up to 10 per cent of the annual scripted screen productions, compared with the current one per cent of national share recorded in the last financial year."

Read the full media release here.

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