Venue Hire

The event area closest to the William Street dining and shopping strip, and adjacent to the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), the State Library and the State Theatre Centre of WA.

The amphitheatre features a large LED Screen and an extensive stepped seating area. There is an existing ground level stage area, event lighting infrastructure and an outdoor ‘bio box’ area. The James Street Amphitheatre is well suited to film screenings, single stage music, cultural and dance festivals, live demonstrations, live sites and experiential marketing initiatives that utilise the screen. The site can also house mid-sized infrastructure such as circus tents, marquees and stages.

Venue Specifications
Approximately 1,000m² (including steps)
Ground Level Area approximately 550m2
Approximately 1,000 persons

All events applying to take place in the James Street Amphitheatre must consider how the LED screen will be incorporated into their event. At a minimum, standard programming will play on the screen throughout the event. The screen may not be switched off or obscured, although the volume may be adjusted.
Pedestrian access through the Amphitheatre from William Street via the accessible ramp to Central Square must be maintained at all times.
Emergency vehicle access must be maintained at all times.
The impact of event noise on surrounding institutions must be considered.
Wind loading can be an issue in inclement weather, all infrastructure must be adequately secured.
Vehicle damage to posts and uplighting will be tracked and charged to the responsible party.
Vehicles accessing the area must maintain a speed limit of 5kmph and utilise hazard lights.
No obstruction to PICA, Blue Room or State Theatre Centre of WA entrances are permitted. Emergency vehicle access to these buildings must be maintained at all times.
Use of the area will be subject to strict pre and post event reporting. Any applicable repair costs will be billed to the event holder.
Power Supply and Event Feeds
2 x service pits at ground level stage with removable base frame in each. Base frames each contain:

5 x 10 amp outlets
1 x 15 amp outlet
1 x 32 amp 3 phase outlet
The ‘Fiji Room’ outdoor bio box overlooking the amphitheatre also offers:

1 x 15 amp outlet
2 x 32 amp 3 phase outlets
Event Feeds for LED screen
Lighting switches for amphitheatre
LED screen:

Event feeds located under the screen and on the grassed area adjacent to PICA
2 x 10 amp outlets in screen leg
The total Amps available to events during normal daytime hours from the Fiji Room Distribution Board is approximately 200A.

Water Supply
Limited water supply is available on the grassed area adjacent to PICA, on negotiation.

Staging Options
Utilise ground level stage or external hire. Please note structural approval is required for over 20sqm. Bean bag seating available for hire.

Surface Material
Concrete and paved areas, garden beds, adjacent grassed areas with up lighting.

Vehicle Access
Via James and William streets.

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