Venue Hire

The native Wetland features wooden staging over a water feature and is surrounded by stepped seating. It is an intimate event area that is extremely well suited to performances, talks and educational activities, particularly those with a science or biology theme.

Venue Specifications
Stage approximately 70m²
Stepped seating approximately 480m²
Approximately 500 (on steps)

Requires approval from Art Gallery of Western Australia.
Wind loading can be an issue in inclement weather, all infrastructure must be adequately secured particularly power leads near water.
Heavy infrastructure must be assessed prior to approving for the wetland stage.
Vehicles accessing the area must maintain a speed limit of 5kmph and utiltise hazard lights.
A vehicle and infrastructure exclusion zone of 1 metre exists around “The Caller” public art piece.
No waste run off into the wetland is allowed.
Use of the area will be subject to strict pre and post event reporting. Any applicable repair costs will be billed to the event holder.
Power Supply
DB adjacent to wetland stage containing:

4 x 10 amp outlet
32 amp 3 phase outlet (access provided on arrangement with Art Gallery of WA)
In box set into garden bed between wetland and ‘Polly’ café:

2 x 15amp outlets
Note: these outlets are fed by the Central Square Distribution Board therefore total power loading for Central Square must be considered.

Staging Options
Existing stage or external hire. Bean bag seating is available for hire.

Surface Material
Paved steps and pathway, wooden boardwalk and stage.

Vehicle Access
Via Beaufort Street

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