Venue Hire

Museum Plaza features a tree lined avenue which provides ample shade for summer events.

The heritage building outlook, large grassed zones, ample park bench seating and children’s playspace make it well suited to family friendly events, markets, food events, music and school or group activities. The site may also be used in conjunction with Central Square for larger markets or displays such as car shows.

Venue Specifications
Approximately 2,000m²

Approximately 1,000 persons

Emergency vehicle access routes to the Western Australian Museum and through to Central Square must be maintained at all times.
Wind loading can be an issue in inclement weather, all infrastructure must be adequately secured.
Noise impact on the WA Museum and Art Gallery of WA must be considered.
Vehicles accessing the area must maintain a speed limit of 5kmph and utiltise hazard lights.
A permanent vehicle and infrastructure exclusion zone of 5 metres is in place around the “Forgotten Australians” artwork.
Extreme care must be taken by vehicles not to traverse the stone set surfaces around trees which contain uplighting and are susceptible to damage.
No obstruction to WA Museum entrance is permitted.
Use of the area will be subject to strict pre and post event reporting. Any applicable repair costs will be billed to the event holder.
Power Supply
2 x 15 amp outlets outside Art Gallery Administration entrance
1 x 32 amp 3 phase outlet at Beaufort Street entrance on grass
The event power for this site is supplied by the Central Square Distribution board and is therefore a total of 60A for this site and Central Square.

Surface Material
Paved surfaces, grassed areas, stone set resin surfaces

Vehicle Access
Via Beaufort Street

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